Purogatiís vision: Transformation --> Empowerment --> Progress.

* Transformation - We support creative individuals to drive change to existing problems by helping them to implement new systems that challenge and transform existing paradigms.

* Empowerment - Successfully implementing a meaningful change empowers individuals and their communities to expand their contributions and thereby maximize their inherent potential.

* Progress - Empowered individuals and their communities, when connected in an interactive national network, create an infrastructure. This promotes sustainable progress and stable large-scale development.

Purogatiís 2-pronged strategy:

  1. to function as a think-tank
  2. to develop well-positioned independent projects that support the forward movements made through the think-tank while addressing existing special need niches in India.

By serving as both a centralized think-tank and as a service organization developing special needs projects, Purogati intends to both magnify and accelerate the progress made by groups with which we partner focused on India. In addition, we plan to serve as a functional model for global RE-development strategies.

* Think-tank:

Our emphasis is on the fact that Indiaís socioeconomic progress is hindered not by lack of skills, talent, minds, or resources - but rather by a lack of proper connectivity and leadership between these critical parts, as well as a lack of communication between groups working around the world for the same goals in India.

Therefore Purogati intends to bring together visionary teachers, scientists, entrepreneurs and social thinkers to create a dynamic think tank focused on the RE-development of India today.

* Independent projects:

Our independent projects will focus in tertiary health care delivery, advanced education, psycho-social counseling and leadership training, and appropriate technology and business transfer to select creative micro-entrepreneurs in India.