Purogatiís Star of Progress

What can I do to help?

11-year-old Kavya Chandra is a 5th grade student in the San Francisco Bay Area, California. In the past year, she has single-handedly raised both awareness and funds for a number of important causes. After the 2004 tsunami that rocked the world, Kavya decided that she would like to “support the kids who have lost everything, because I am so lucky and have so much to share and contribute“. She decided to raise funds for causes that mattered to her.

Fundraising speech at Stanford Children's hospital

Kavya describes how she came upon her ideas for fundraising: “I was thinking that I donít have much to offer as just a school kid, and then suddenly I realized what I have that I could offer. I can play musical instruments (like violin and flute), and I can talk well. So I decided to keep giving concerts and speeches on my cause, even when I visit the hospital, grocery stores, etc. That way I can spread the message and at the same time do something meaningful“.

Violin performance for fundraising

This young woman chose to give violin and flute performances at a variety of venues, including hospitals, schools, and even everyday places...including her favorite Indian grocery store in Sunnyvale. She impressed the adults around her so much with her sincerity that soon many groups began donating to her noble cause.

In her parents words: “Kavya has always been a child we would characterize as sharing, loving, compassionate, and ready to provide care for anyone in need...but watching Kavyaís dedication and sincerity has taught us all, that regardless of the constraints, there is always a way to reach out and REALLY make a difference.“

Collecting funds from her Violin teacher
Collecting funds from her Violin teacher

Though she was excited and encouraged by the success of her first fundraising venture, she decided not to just sit back and relax. Instead, she set a new goal for 2007 - to raise funds to support the care of children with blood conditions. In addition to concerts, she decided to start a Read-A-Thon so that she could offer even her academic skills to raise awareness for this cause.

Fundraising at her dentist's office
Fundraising at her dentist's office

As you can see, it is her positive energy, which radiates in her brilliant smile, and her infectious positive outlook that guides Kavya's success! She is always more focused on others than on herself. In short, we at Purogati see Kavya as an ideal example of a person who uses her own talents and skills to create a wave of change, to make a difference across the globe. She does not ask “How can I do anything?“ but rather “What can I do to improve the situation?“

We salute her spirit, her attitude, and her energy. For her shining example, Kavya has been selected as Purogatiís Star of Progress for 2007. Please join us in saluting her.

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