Purogati will focus on projects that:

  1. Build networks and partnerships that bring long-term progress to India.
  2. Apply integrative thinking to cross socio-economic and gender boundaries.
  3. Develop systems that address the lack of infrastructure in areas served.
  4. Facilitate the development of future leaders within the populations served.
  5. Fill unique niches usually not supported by other service organizations.
  6. Have no religious bias.

Our first projects fulfill all of these major goals, and include:

  1. INDIA VISION 2020:
    Support of partnerships that facilitate the India Vision 2020 plan of Prof. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, including:
    1. Raising worldwide awareness of the key points of India Vision 2020 through conferences and educational programs.
    2. Organizing collaborations that fulfill goals of India Vision 2020.
    3. Maintaining regular public monitoring of progress towards goals of India Vision 2020.
  2. DESH (Delivering Excellence in Specialized Healthcare):
    Critical healthcare development projects:
    1. Increasing representation of South Asian donors in the International bone marrow donor registries, to increase the chances for South Asian patients to receive needed bone marrow transplants.
    2. Development of a proper blood banking system for India.
    3. Establishment of a Pediatric (Children’s) Cancer Treatment and Hospice Initiative for India, including education and standardized training of physicians and nurses and development of care centers.
    A number of sub-projects which all focus on empowering those with physical disabilities to achieve their maximum potential. This includes:
    1. “Drishti“ (“Vision“) - empowers creative visually impaired entrepreneurs by assisting them to advertise products/services.