In the area of health care delivery, the projects that Purogati plans to undertake are:

  1. Better balance the representation of Indians and South Asians in the International Bone Marrow registries through regular international-level drives for bone marrow donors.
  2. Establish a centralized, properly screened, and nationally accessible blood supply in India.
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  3. Initiate a national consortium among the cancer treatment and research centers operating throughout India.
  4. Further develop the field of bone marrow transplantation in India.
  5. Establish advanced psycho-social counseling services with the goal of reducing suicide among high risk young adults in India.
  6. Initiate international health and research collaborations relevant to Indians.

In the area of advanced health education, Purogati aims to achieve the following:

  1. Educate the global public on the severe shortage of bone marrow and organ transplant donors of Indian origin.
  2. Establish national standards and oversight of blood donation, collection, and storage in India.
  3. Establish a national-level subspecialty educational training program in children’s blood diseases, cancer treatment, and bone marrow transplantation for India.
  4. Develop a national educational program for healthcare professionals on crisis counseling and suicide prevention for young adults in India.