Purogati - Board of Directors

Dr Asha Pillai, MD

Founder (View CV)

“Purogati developed out of a desire to bring about sustainable infrastructure change in India. India has no lack of brilliant minds, compassionate hearts, hard workers, or funds to achieve this goal. The main problem is a lack of connectivity of the parts, and ineffective strategic planning and positioning of the diverse efforts. My vision is that Purogati will function as a think-tank that connects the most creative ideas with the necessary paradigms, people, and planning to achieve them. Through this, I am certain we can achieve the development of India, not in some distant future, but here and now.”

Asha completed her B.S. from Stanford University, M.D. from Indiana University School of Medicine, and combined Internal Medicine/Pediatrics residencies from Baylor College of Medicine. She then designed a unique combined Medical Hematology and Pediatric Hematology/Oncology/BMT fellowship, which she completed from Stanford in 2004.

Asha remained at Stanford as a researcher and clinician scientist, from 2004-2009, exploring novel strategies to prevent lethal immune complications after transplantation. She was recently recruited to St Jude Children's Hospital, Memphis, TN where she integrates research, transplant patient care, and Purogati's efforts in her work with St Jude's International Outreach Program developing the field of pediatric cancer treatment and blood banking in India. Her advanced clinical training and research focus allow her to also provide critical planning in the areas such as blood and bone marrow banking, advanced treatment of blood diseases, and development of higher level medical specialties in India.

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